When a company has a new project to be launched in a foreign country, where custom, laws and people are different, a Shelter service becomes especially relevant. Under a Shelter program, the foreign company is able to begin operations in the target country without delay and without the need to establish a legal presence there.

environmental issues, among others. Any a company that begins operations under this kind of program usually becomes more agile and experiences higher and quicker levels of innovation.

Advantages for the client upon hiring Labor Mexicana

Through our Shelter services, Labor Mexicana will simplify the client’s investment process in the target country by dealing with legal and personnel issues, like payroll and benefits, the coordination of personnel affairs, and foreign trade services. We can also help our clients in renting facilities, hiring of security personnel, obtaining permits and licenses, importing raw materials, and exporting processed goods.
Hiring Labor Mexicana allows our clients to:

  • Reduce startup time.
  • Focus on their main business.
  • Minimize the risks involved in beginning operations in a foreign country.
  • Benefit from a practical learning process related with local issues, which, in time, will allow them to decide whether to continue under the Shelter program or to begin operating on their own.
  • Be “protected” from many of the risks and obligations normally affecting companies that choose to incorporate directly.

Also, Labor Mexicana will help you with:

  • Environmental licenses and permits
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Hiring, training, and managing human resources
  • Facilities
  • Maintenance
  • Offices for meetings and training
  • Cafeteria and food services for personnel
  • Required payments (like VAT or Social Security)
  • Customs, permits, and import-export documentation
  • Medical facilities and staff
  • Permits and licenses for assembly and manufacturing
  • Personnel transportation to and from facilities

At Labor Mexicana we are ready to meet your special requirements

Any company may hire the services of a Shelter company in Mexico. With its proven experience, Labor Mexicana is, undoubtedly, your best choice. The Shelter service we offer is flexible and may be tailored to your most specific needs.
Our clients come from a wide range and size of industries: from companies with staffs over a thousand workers, to medium-sized companies with little or no previous experience with international operations, to small companies featuring 20 to 30 employees. They also come from fields as varied as medical, air and space, construction, mechanical, plastics, electronics, automotive, inverse logistics, IT, alternative energy sources, even design.
Please get in touch with us and discover the advantages we can bring to your business.


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